You Need to Know How to Publish a Software Tester Job, Right?

A job description done in a very normal way, the graphic ranks 7 on a scale of 10. This is how the graphic gets rated:


With a normal resolution, the graphic allows the individual to figure out the various headings at the outset. The pictures are also clear and grab the attention of the audience.

Easy to Eyes:

The graphic is normal to the eyes of the people. The graphic works well to make the readers understand the words written and the make out the meaning of the graphic preparation. The contacts written below are also visible to the human eyes at a normal distance of reading which is around 25 cm.


A normal, mundane and very basic design forms the underline of the graphic. The design is not at all appealing in terms of pictures or the fonts. It is a very basic.


A proper flow of providing information has been used, but the whole graphic becomes too much wordy and the improper use of the fonts has made it even more uncomfortable to stick with the graphic and read it. It seems like an advertisement has been given in the daily for a job which is not at all appealing.


The fonts are used with diligence in making the headings look big and the content small which is okay. It seems that the headings and the description part are not given much difference. The fonts are used like a general article which should not have been done.

Overall Analysis:

The overall analysis says that the graphic is made with a medium level of effort and because it is formal graphic much liberty with imagination was not allowed. It is made to align with the image of the company and hence it seems alright.

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