Why Recycle your Cell Phone?

The subject of the infographic is cell phone recycling. More specifically, it aims at providing information about the reasons why someone should recycle their cell phones and what the steps of the recycling process are.

The main color used throughout is green, which is commonly used to indicate recycling. Therefore, the reader can get the idea of the topic that is presented with just a glance. At the top, one can find a big title, in bold, easy-to-read fonts, as well as a subheading giving more details about the subject.

All information is broken into different sections, which are visually divided with frames in different shades of green. This adds to the readability and makes it easier for the reader to navigate through and find the needed information in a second.

Each section starts with a heading in capital bold letters that allows for the reader to quickly understand the layout. Every section consists of a description and a relevant image, which makes it friendlier to the eye of the reader.

In the first section, the reader can find out that cell phones contain harmful toxins that can damage the environment and that this can be avoided with recycling. Right afterwards, one can find information about their cell phone’s recycling journey. A red arrow pointing downwards suggests that reading on one can see the steps of this journey.

First comes testing the cell phone and setting a payment for it. Then, according to its condition, it is either repaired or fully refurbished. After being graded, it is resold in countries with a great demand. This process can increase a phone’s life-cycle to over 9 years. As soon as there is no resale demand, the phone is dismantled and the materials inside are recycled.

Although reducing the amount of text used throughout or emphasizing certain parts could have improved the infographic’s readability, it succeeds in providing some useful information and motivating readers to recycle their cell phones.

infographic about cell phone recycling

Source: https://www.sellcell.com/cell-phone-recycling/