The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

This is a very good example of a simple infographic that can be followed by the viewer’s so easily and make sense out of it. The designing of the title itself and the colors and background used already invokes some sort of interest in knowing what the infographic is all about. Different colors have been used and they seem to complement each other. Different word formats and designs have been used in the title making it even more interesting. The choice of the title of the infographic also evokes interest and you want to know more about it. This is a major consideration if you want to create an infographic that will catch the eye of your potential audience.

The other thing you notice with the infographic is the use of statistics well portrayed using graphs. This helps you to clearly understand the different statistics that are being handled in the particular infographic.

Also included are charts that are well labeled showing the statics even more clearly. You can clearly see the trends that are on twitter and how distributed they are. Using charts and graphs allows an infographic to serve the purpose of actually informing the masses of all the good things that have to do with the company in question. This is why a good design is as important as you will not leave out any essential facts about your campaign or company. An infographic tends to concentrate on the most important points that you need to cover.

The different sections of the infographic can be seen quite clearly. You can see how they are segmented and one can actually be able to tell one section from the other due to different color coding and design of the subheadings.

The numbering used also allows one to understand the infographic even better. You can tell just how many sections the infographic has once you get to the first one. This is another aspect that most infographics utilize. Numbering makes an infographic much easier to follow and to understand.

When you are aware of the things to consider while designing an Infographic, you can avoid all sorts of pitfalls that are usually involved in the creation of the best. Diagrams make it so much easier to understand. Inclusion of links also allows the viewers to get more information and it can be used in link building. If you are in marketing, this can very well turn your leads into paying customers.

Twitter infographic