TOP 5 of Places to Play Pokemon Go

The infographic describes the best places where one can play the game “Pokemon Go”. It not only tells you about the right places for the same in a catchy style, but also has a few attractive images of these places so that you actually feel like visiting those places to play! A few remarkable features about this infographic that deserve mention include:

  • The main title has been written in the characteristic Pokemon style- this helps the users to relate to the topic better.
  • Right next is a water body with flags over it so that the reader may get a proper feel of this game.
  • There are as many as five photographs featuring the places that are suggested. Not only these images tempt you to begin a hunt for Pokemons but are also beautifully placed using the right angles of tilt. After all, slightly tilted images always look better on graphical texts rather than those displayed in a series in an upright manner!
  • Apart from the images, there are descriptions of the places that have been kept short and crisp, and also appropriate to the context. The use of the blue color here rightly matches the other colors of the backgrounds and texts.
  • We also like the fact that a part of the background is bright red in color while the other part is white so that it looks neither too flashy nor too dull! Also, the merge of these two background colors take place beautifully instead of an abrupt transition from red to white.
  • Overall, the theme of the infographic perfectly captures the essence of the game mostly played by children and teen agers.

It is thus a great one in terms of both content and design!

pokemon go infographic