This is the Future of Workplace Training

This infographic aims at describing the future of workplace training, and presenting the reasons why businesses nowadays need to adopt Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. It explains the concepts of VR and AR and how they can facilitate training in the workplace, while presenting some interesting statistics and trends.

It has a clear and effective format, which helps the reader quickly navigate through all the information presented and easily understand the concept. The light colors used in the background help the various dark elements stand out. Scrolling down, one can find five different sections, with each one being visually separated from the next one with alternating background colors and a title in a contrasting frame. The basic color used throughout is blue, which is one of the dominant colors in technology marketing. The selected fonts are easy to read and all texts are carefully placed on a contrasting background.

An eye-catching title with an explanatory subheading at the top allows for understanding the topic under discussion in a glance. In the first section, one can find the differences between VR and AR, while in the second one some relevant financial data are presented. The accompanying images here help the reader get the idea, before even reading the texts. The third section shows how global demand for immersive training is rising with the use of big images and percentages, as well as eye-catching logos of famous companies that use VR or AR to train their employees.

In the next part, the reader can learn how VR and AR help workplace training today; all the different aspects here are presented with bold headings and percentages, embellished with relevant pictures, and clearly separated with a dashed line. The pictograms and brief descriptions used in the last section represent the six trends in 2020 and beyond.

The texts that have been used are kept at a minimal level. This, together with the fact that the structure is simple and the design is visually consistent make for a helpful and to-the-point infographic.

infographic about the future of workplace training