This is How You Detect a Hidden Spy App

This infographic is a very clean and precise work of art.

The color scheme used is very subtle and sets quite a welcoming ambience to the whole page itself. The background color which almost looks like a dark blue shade comforts the eye and keeps the document really neutral. This is neither too attractive nor too dull as well. It keeps it quite interesting and with the cyan borders and headings to fill in, the top picks might do good for attraction. The cyan titles and borders are aptly colored and suit the environment quite wonderfully. They match the background greatly and create a perfect blend of colors throughout. The occasional shades of grey also suit the page surprisingly well without disturbing the harmony of the duo going on throughout the page. There is a slight color shift towards the bottom of the page which is really neatly organized and colored with a matching shade and a brighter ambience. The full shift of dark blue to bright cyan is quite a change and suits the content perfectly. The color combination is still maintained throughout the bottom by sticking to that dark shade for content.
The font style and decoration suit and describe the topic precisely well. Although the content is extensively described, the text layout and spacing provides ample amount of relief to make it appear simple enough. The two dimensional art used through each section was neatly done and conveys the meaning really well. This furnishes the rest of the page perfectly being exactly what it needs to be.

Overall, this is a perfect piece of work furnished so with the color combination and bold designs. There dull blue background and a bold bright cyan. There is a shift of environment towards the bottom of the page where things brighten up.

spy apps infographic