This is how Hackers Make Money from Social Media

The headline for this infographic is beautifully done. It is aligned to the right with the left part occupied with an image that breaks down what the topic is all about. The image has a hacker complete with a hood, dark eyewear and gloves for anonymity sited in front of a computer. The image is accompanied by smaller ones depicting money theft literally using mobile phones, WIFI and desktops. Also most noticeable about the image is the background that is made up of icons representing the different platforms hackers target including Twitter, YouTube, WordPress and WhatsApp among others. The purple tones dominating this section are quite welcoming and appealing.

Looking at the presentation balance between images and text is evident. The subheadings for the sections are also done creatively so they are not monotonous or boring. The eyes move swiftly and comfortably from one section to the next. This display contains lots of images but one of the most outstanding and worth mentioning is the image on the second section where facts about hacking are stated. It is an image of the US flag presented within the American map and three men stepping on it. It works amazingly well in backing up the fact they represent about hacking in the US.

This infographic employs beautiful colors all through and is structured in such a way that it delivers the message without getting boring. The texts are sizeable enough for easy reading and they balance very well with the size of the images too although in some areas the images do seem to be a little overwhelming. It also, unfortunately, lacks numbering so it is hard to mark the ’10 ways’; it is easy to get lost in the hacking details. The information contained is precise and to the point hence readers do grasp without any struggles.

beautiful charts about social media hackers