Stats and Facts about Responsive Design Usage

The layout is simple yet attractive enough to keep one interested in what the infographic is all about. So as far as design is concerned, it bags a 9 out of 10. It takes advantage of design basics such as color spectrum to execute the aesthetic appeal need which is a must-have for all infographics today. It does not create numerous locations for strange colors to pop into the reader’s vision. Information, therefore, comes out naturally. The only downside here is the fact that some additional space at the top is needed.  This can be easily done by scaling the percentage used by the ‘web hosting’ text. That way, it would be obvious what the infographic is all about at first glance.

The content

You will notice a snippet on top of each review. The snippet highlights key things such as what the website under review is best for. So expect perks on each review such as ‘best for customer support’ or ‘best for loading speeds’. The aim here is to help readers know what a given site is all about and what makes it special. This saves time and keeps the reader interested.

What else?

Anyone looking for web hosting services will tell you for a fact that the task is never an easy one. With tons of web hosting companies claiming to be the best, it is easy to get ripped off. With a straightforward piece that features several decent web hosting service providers, your work should be easy. It gets better with the fact that you get to know which area your desired service provider is good at before you can proceed to hire them.  You can easily compare prices and even get to know other important factors such as where the web hosting service provider is located.

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