Solar Power Breakthroughs in History

The first thing that comes into mind when one looks at this piece is technology, and this is because of the visual appeal that this design conveys. The shades of color that have been used here creates a serious look and feel.

The use of color blue, black and white has made it easy for the message to be relayed in a more professional manner, and when one sees this image, they immediately know they have to read it.

One can spot the sunlight that shines on the city. The light of the sun has been used figuratively to describe solar power, and this is a very creative technique.

The design has also used such as the one used to represent thunder, this sign describes how solar power can generate electricity just like water.

All these signs in the piece are meant to share the intended message in a simple way. There are also several images on the infographic, one can see the image of a solar panel and another image of a person setting up a solar panel.

There is also an image of Aleksandra Stoletov who was the first man to develop a solar cell. He is the founding father of the solar technology.

There is also a blue line with circles that run through it. This blue line has strategically been placed in the middle of the infographic just to show how solar technology has grown over the years to where it is today.

Throughout the entire image, one can see years since 1901 to 2013. Each year has a description of what took place in the solar technology world. The words have been written clearly and in a lineman’s language so that everyone can read and understand easily. The whole layout is perfect and makes this design interesting.

solar power infogrpahics