Software Development Outsourcing and its Types

This infographic aims at explaining what software development outsourcing is. Furthermore, it describes the different types of this model, and presents its advantages and disadvantages, as well as some interesting recent trends in the specific market.

Design and Layout

The main color of the artwork is dark blue – a color that is commonly used when communicating technology-related products and subjects.

At the top, one can find an eye-catching title in capital letters, underlined with a contrasting yellow line. Next to it, one can see an picture with some initials referring to five different programming languages, which helps one better realize the topic under discussion.

Under the title, one can find an embellishing image and a short explanatory description for software development outsourcing.

In the left part of the section that follows, the three most important reasons for IT outsourcing are presented in the form of a list with three relevant pictograms.  In the right part, the reader can find a bullet-point list of six recent trends in the software development outsourcing market. All numerical data here is written in an eye-catching yellow color.

In the next section, the reader can find a table with the most important advantages and disadvantages of software development outsourcing. The advantages are introduced with a plus sign, whereas the disadvantages are presented with a minus sign.

The three different types of software development outsourcing are presented in the last section, right underneath. A map example helps the reader easily understand this classification.


The easy to read fonts, the pictograms, the lists, all elements that are used throughout as well as the spaces between the different sections, boost the artwork’s readability.


The infographic succeeds in clearly presenting all required information. One has the opportunity to access all information quickly and easily.

infographic about software development outsourcing