What are People Hiding Behind their VPNs?

The given infographic is quite attractive and standard. The design is simple and the color of theme looks standardized. With regard to the font, it could have a clearer and bigger font, which would make it easier to read the content and make it attractive.

The images and clip arts used aren’t attractive and informative. Better pictures could be used which pertains to network connection and internet. Another important thing lacking was the definition of VPNS. A brief description of what is VPNS and how much effective it is could be added. Most people don’t know what VPNS is and how it can be created and useful for internet users.

Additional information can be added or briefly explained with regard to the reasons on why one uses VPNS. Even though the reasons specified on why VPNS are famous in this infographic looks interesting, still it is not informative. Along with the features, there needs to be a brief description of the advantages of these features and how much useful it is for the user.

With regard to the heading Top 5 countries in VPN usage, the numbering is not correct. Instead of number 5, it needs to be number 4 and for 6, it has to be 5. Besides the numbering, a percentage of the population using VPN among the 5 leading countries using VPNS could have been more attractive and informative. However, this infographic scores well by displaying the extra measures that can be used to avoid any kind of malware that can hack the privacy of the customer.

Besides these 5 extra measures, few more could have been added to make the content more informative and easy for the readers to understand about network security and hacking.

Ultimately, there isn’t the reference sites websites or sources displayed. It provides more authenticity to the information if there is a source from where the information is referred.

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Source: bestvpnrating.com