MS Dynamics Developers: Salaries, Jobs Distribution, Typical Portrait and More

This infographic aims at presenting information about the average salaries, jobs distribution and the typical portrait of Microsoft Dynamics developers in 2020. All information is presented with the use of tables, graphs, lists and images that help the reader quickly and easily read it through. The dark background and contrasting fonts also add to its readability.

The title on top clearly presents the topic. First, a colorful graph shows the average MS Dynamics developers’ monthly salaries across the USA according to the software version they use, while another graph below presents the salaries based on their seniority.  The third graph states the average salaries for different MS Dynamics specialists. Here, one can notice that either the fifth column is shorter than supposed to be or there is a mistake in the specific figure.

Right below, one can find a table with the salary rates compared in diverse countries. Here, putting the different countries in an alphabetical order or the salaries in an ascending/descending order would have improved the table’s readability. Another table shows the distribution of relevant job openings in 14 different counties (instead of 15 as written in the title). An alphabetical order would have made this one easier-to-read too.

Some interesting findings from the annual survey conducted for MS Dynamics developers are given below, in the form of a bullet-point list, with the use of icons and short descriptive texts. Next, one can find information on their typical portrait, once again with icons and as little text as possible. The next part clearly illustrates the countries to which they would relocate and the reasons why. In the last part, one can find three top-5 lists with embellishing images; about what turns MS Dynamics developers to experts, the most valuable features they see in the software, and the apps used by end users.

Despite the inadvertent mistake in one of the graphs, the room for improvement in the tables and the few typos throughout, this is a highly informative infographic that successfully presents some interesting data about MS Dynamics developers.

infographic about the salaries, jobs distributions and typical portrait of microsoft dynamics developers