Revealing Mobile Phone Statistics for 2022

This infographic informs readers of comprehensive statistics for mobile phones in 2022. It gives exact statistics on smartphones, mobile phones, their use, and behaviors of owners of all ages, with information from online authority surveys by SellCell.


The artwork’s design is alluring to readers, with various suitable pictograms to draw readers in, like the Statue of Liberty holding a phone for the information of phone users in the USA. It also has the right combination of colors, using different shades of purple as the background, and the pictograms all have colors that match great with the background.

The right font styles were used in the infographic, and their font sizes were not too small, hard to read, or too big that they took up too much space.


The infographic has a simple layout. Each statistic comes one after the other, and soothing pictograms help the readers navigate easily from one piece of information to the next. The statistics are also displayed on the pictograms and written to help reflect the differences even further.

There is sufficient spacing in the artwork, making it easy for readers to skim through and find the exact information they want quickly. There is also a structure that was gotten from the constant spacing.


The fonts used in the infographic are simple to read. Furthermore, the font colors used were perfect as they also made reading easier, without readers having to strain themselves to read.

Moreover, the structure of the infographic and the spacing also increased its readability. Although the site has more detailed statistics for each of the sections provided in the infographic, it still provides the necessary information required.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the infographic is visually appealing and lets the reader obtain the provided information easily.

Mobile Phone Statistics 2022