Magento 2 SEO in a Snap

For people looking to seo optimize their Magento websites, this infographic may be a good point to start. This infographic can serve your purpose if you are planning to work on the SEO optimization of your website yourself.


Though the infographic is a professional one, the design of the infographic is more casual and involves the use of a lot of colors on a white background. The entire infographic is comprised of a number of pointers, each of which is dedicated to a particular step to be followed during the optimization process of the Magento website. On the whole, the design looks a bit of stuffed due to the use of several pointers.


The infographic includes a lot of information, provided to the reader in a very concise manner. The entire infographic has three three major sections, each of which consists of several pointers, that offer brief info on the setting customizations to be made, where one can find the settings and the benefits or use of a particular setting. Though the use of numerous colorful pointers has made the infographic a bit cramped, yet the brief inclusion of the steps to be followed along with the location of the setting would be of great benefit to readers who want to work on optimization seriously.


The structure is usual, nothing extraordinary about it and can be used for promotion of services, as a source of information as well as to be posted on social networks or blogs for attracting new and valuable readers.


Too many colors have been used in the infographic, and the audience may find it a bit overdone. The background color is white and looks soothing to the eyes and minimalizes the combined effect of the numerous bright and light colors that have been used.

Magento seo infografix