Learn How to Protect Your Intelectual Property

This infographic is directly directed towards people who want to secure their original work and has a weight in its objective. Therefore, it is quite understandable that is not created to attract everyone’s attention. The title is crisp and to the point written in white colors on light blue background highlighting the entire line. There are 9 ways mentioned to protect Intellectual Property rights which are mentioned and explained with the help of boxes presented in a linear direction. The information under boxes are congested and do not let a reader get the point clearly. The color of box edge is light green, which even though compliments blue do not appeal much to the eyes. It doesn’t look attractive and even to highlight the boxes properly.

The second half of the image is quite complicated, which has a human mind image, a pie chart with facts and data presented in the hexagonal diagram. This whole structure gives it a complex look which can deter a reader to proceed further to understand the whole issue. The use of color in this part is also minimal, mostly in light blue color with pie chart containing brick, sea blue, and light blue color. These colors do not put any impact upon the attractiveness of the overall image.

Overall, this infographic is quite informative, but could have been better if font styles were different, instead of blue color some other colors were used and the size of the image would have been bigger, probably more vertical or long. In the end, the name of the promoting company is mentioned, which seems to fit the requirement. Bigger font size of a company’s name actually drags the reader’s attention without any difficulty. This could have been a better image with the same content but different presentation.

infographic about intellectual property

Source: locklizard.com