iPhone Timeline: 10-Year Anniversary

It all started with an idea from a sci-fi movie, where a character made a call through a touch display. The infographic launched on the 10th anniversary of the product captures all the details of the iPhone along with its history. It explains the developmental hierarchy of the iPhone and summarized information about each and every model released by the maker till date.

The design is quite appealing with a central partition and presence of marked milestones on it.  Placement of dates is done in an alternative order and adjacent spaces are used to accommodate pictures and sketches related to the respective phone. Details of features about every individual phone are provided just below the date of their launch, which makes it easier to understand the given data. Use of animation has surely made this infographic catchy and attractive.

A comparative study of the development of hardware and the screen size of the phone has also been given in a chronological arrangement of the phones. The zigzag pattern used to arrange the specifications indicates the creativity and precision applied in the infographic.

Description in the infographic is brief and accurate. It has been ensured that the information shall be kept as simple as possible for better understanding. It not only includes specification of the phone, but also updates released throughout the mentioned time. Details also provide information about the major leaks and cons of the product and how they were fixed. Major specifications are given and it includes OS, ROM, network options and screen dimensions. Comparative study given later, explains the characteristic features introduced in each model. These features include network support, display characteristics, sensors, artificial intelligence, newer storage options, camera advancement, charging options and waterproofing. All the information is given in a developmental sequence, allowing an individual to assess the data by himself.

inforgraphics about iphone aniversary

Source: etrafficwebmarketing.com.au