iPhone 7 compared to Galaxy S7

The infographic presents a concrete comparative study of the flagship products of two prominent manufacturers- Apple and Samsung. How many of us have had the doubt as regards to which one of the phones to splash out on? Well, with this design, the decision process surely seems easier!

  1. It is Simple

The infographic is easy to absorb and visually appealing. The information is presented clearly, without any visual noise potential audience have to wade through.

  1. Showcases all critical data

The graph effectively covers a comparison of all critical features for the phones. As these are the titans, there is a definite confusion about how one’s features compares to the other. Accordingly, all significant facts and figures are highlighted making the viewer capable of deciphering the data. One quick look and every feature comparison are presented!

  1. Pleasing color palette

The colors used are most effective. The brown and the blue are used consistently for the phones in every feature compared. This makes it very clear to see the relative features of the phones. White highlights each feature topic, with the consistent use of brown and blue to present the facts. Very smartly, the infographic resonates in a clean and direct manner.

  1. It Excites the Readers

The chart is created to grab the reader’s attention and deliver its promise of a nonbiased comparison. It has all points which act as a recipe to grab increased interest. Each content point sticks!

  1. It is the Right Length

Lastly, the infograph uses the right length. All critical features of these flagship phones are covered without boring the viewers. In fact, the viewer looks ahead for more! It is just the correct length to retain the interest of the viewer.

All in all, the design has a successful design and effectively highlights a comparative study!

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Source: beatbowler.com