How to Improve Creativity with Technology

The graphic presentation of this infographic is spot on, and there are various obvious reasons to back this argument. For starters, the choice of words utilised in this entire graph is very accurate. Even the facts and other vital information laid down on this chart in a comprehensive manner works for a reader. Each data has been backed by crucial facts and figures, thus making this worth every reader’s time.

The second best part about this infographic is the amount of time and energy spent by the smart team of designers on creating the clip arts. These clip arts are extremely catchy and have the immense capability of keeping the reader glued to the screen, hence serving the purpose. There are some amazing choice of colours utilised on this graph, which are kept strictly formal as the topic being discussed is a serious one. These colours keep fading in and out, depending on the type of content being discussed. This way, a reader’s attention is being diverted to the facts and figures that are most highlighted, gradually moving towards the least important information.

Thirdly, the font styles and sizes used by the exceptional designing team are also extremely accurate keeping in mind the interests of the readers. The most excellent part about the entire graph presentation is the pie charts made with extreme precision. Carefully, every pie chart has been customised in a way that it explains all the necessary data and numbers to the reader.

However, one thing in this presentation that cannot go amiss is the bombardment of information thrown to the reader. The facts and figures utilised could have been made easier to understand to a reader by using more visual elements. But, all in all the infographic works as it justifies the subject or topic being discussed.

infografix about enhancing creativity