HTML Quick Reference Sheet

Another simple and effective design! As you can see the designer has kept the graph very basic with the use of few elements. Since it’s a cheat sheet a lot of data has been included in the graph. All the data are categorised beautifully and into neat blocks.

We will begin with the colour combination. The colour palette is kept minimal with the limited use of colours. The only colours used here are orange, white and blue. But the combination is great and is an excellent choice in catching the attention of viewers.

The fonts are in the same style. The headings and the important data are in bigger and bold fonts. The content has been placed strategically to prevent a clustered look. There are clear demarcations made between the categorised data.

The graphics and illustrations are also minimal. There are hardly any such elements, which is a shame because those would have made the graph a bit more lively and attractive. The lack of interesting illustrations, make the graph look very dull.

There is sufficient space in the design. Since there are lot of text in the infographic the space was needed to balance it all out.

The layout is also excellent because it makes the design easily readable and easy to navigate.

In short, this is a good infographic but it would have been even better if the designer could have added a few more exciting design elements. But every other aspect of the graph falls in the right place and gives very less room for criticisms.

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