How to Wire a Campervan Solar System?

The soft green color dominant in this infographic is quite appealing. Considering that this piece is all about a solar system, the green color is very relevant as it represents green energy. The ‘200 Watt’ part of the heading is huge in size probably to emphasize that it is a guide specific to this particular system and not any other. Any reader with a different system does not have to waste their time going through this guide and this is indeed a positive.

The display then begins with images of solar panels obviously indicating that this is where the wiring will begin. It then proceeds from one point to the next guided by wires. This is very creative, however, if you are not careful, it is easy to get lost as far as what comes before what. It can get a little complicated unless you know energy-related terms too.

The images used in the presentation are many with very little information to back them up. But thinking about it, maybe this presentation aims to teach about the physical wiring and not explaining why one part of the system goes where it goes. The many images make it look a bit busy for the eyes; you would have to be really focused to achieve a sensible flow. The texts are sizeable and easy to read and most are bold and in caps. There is proper color variation so you can tell where one section begins and ends.

For a person familiar with power appliances, this infographic is very brief and beneficial. However, it still seems like a little more work should have gone into making it easy to understand even for a person handling the solar system for the first time.

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