How to Make a Website Step by Step

This infographic helps readers understand the basics of building a website. The page looks like a complete action-packed poster from top to bottom. You could find information anywhere you look and it feels pretty overwhelming and confusing at first, but you’ll get into it once you dive in from the top. Considering the relevance of the topic among artists and creators all over the world, this document does do the trick in driving attention towards itself.

The color scheme is pretty neat with a good variety of cyan and white combined with little bits of other shades here and there. It looks really pleasing to see all that color in harmony.

The design looks great. There are a lot of two-dimensional elements in the document that makes it look all the more perfect. It also helps to gain a general understanding of what is going on in each section as the design is really relevant.

The layout is dynamic and each section is marked with color changes that make it all the more easier for navigation across the document. The overall page flow is from top to bottom with each step having a step number

The content is pretty relevant and covers everything about website development. The step by step layout of the document helps readers go through each of those steps one by one.

Overall, this is quite a grand piece of work compiling huge, tons of data into a very simple infographic that clearly and simply explains the process from top to bottom in a very elegant and beautiful manner, thanks to the design and layout components together with all the illustration put into this document. The result is an absolute stunner with an awesome color scheme that definitely catches the attention of any reader.

infographic about building websites