How Many Mobile Phones Are Sold Each Year?

The shared infographic has some very insightful information on how many mobile phones are sold each year.


The infographic has a wide array of colors that bring the message to life. It has vibrant colors that create a great contrast which enhances the harmony making it eye-catching. The artwork design is catchy. There are six different sections that present the details in full.  The variation of color brings the message to life as it creates a contrast between the different shades. The modernly designed artwork with the use of different elements makes it easy and interesting to read through.


The layout is very well organized having been divided into different sections. Each section has a heading of its own providing a detailed analysis of the same. From the graphs presented, there is a variation in the numbers on the line. The change in color for each section breaks the continuation and brings about contrast. There is harmony in the combination of eye-catching graphs, pictograms, and images that invites the reader to pay keen attention to the information.


The infographic clearly communicates the intended message with the choice of color, wording, shapes, and horizontal orientation. At the same time, its structure and design allow the reader to quickly and easily go through all information. The content is straight to the point as should be for any infographic.

How Many Mobile Phones Are Sold Each Year?