How Google Works

The Google logo is one that so many people are familiar with. In this infographic, the logo is laid out in its true form, meaning that you already know what you are looking at before you even start out on the details.

Using the logo of a company in an infographic helps the viewers to actually identify with the company and if it sparks interest in them, then they will most definitely look more keenly into it.

The whole design starts out with a typical search page of how Google looks like and this allows the infographic to actually identify even more with the company in question.

The infographic tries to lay out different steps as they unfold clearly telling the history of Google. The timeline is arranged in such a way that the reader can very easily follow. This is an interesting thing as you can clearly see all Google is about. The way the infographic is laid out helps you learn so much within such little time as would have been the case with just plain text.

The simple design also includes a red line that separates the different time frames. This also makes the whole infographic even more interesting to the viewer. You can clearly tell the elements apart from one another and as you jump to the next. You know that you will be learning about something different from the one preceding it.

The use of diagrams always makes an infographic so interesting and easy to read. This has been utilized in this particular infographic. The diagrams are red and black and they are very clearly laid out. You can see just how Google has been doing over the years using the diagrams, the changes that have been effected and the future expectations that might be seen some years from now. You can tell some of the technological advancements that may be seen some time in the near future. Diagrams add to the interest of the reader. The fact that a diagram can be labeled in a brief way means that understanding the points can be much easier than leading a block of text.

An infographic is usually broken down in the simplest form for easy understanding. When it goes ahead to offer the sources and contact information as this one does, then the viewer gets a lot more than just information.

Infographic about how Google works