FB or SEO, Which is Better?

The comparison between Facebook and Google SEO has been presented impeccably. Usually, comparative studies involve lots of information, but the designer has succeeded in displaying a majority of the information in appealing visuals.

There is an interesting hierarchy, and you can also see graphs and charts put to good use. Although I am not a big fan of graphs and charts, because most of them look dull, however, this is an exception. These are more vibrant and beautiful to look at.

The choice of colors is also unusual. The designer has stayed away from the dull and boring “corporatey” colors and instead, has stuck to the peppier colors. You can see the topic has been highlighted in white fonts on a rich purple colour background. The major portion of the infographic has light colors, especially the texts, with a few bursts of rich colors here and there. I find this a brilliant and smart use of the palette. Moreover, the texts have been kept pale which does not make the infographic look cluttered.

The layout is also fantastic. It is very readable and comfortable for the eyes. All the vital information and statistics are positioned at the right places where the reader will be able to find it instantly.

And the fonts are also in the right sizes. All the important data has been featured in bigger fonts, and the most extensive data are in small fonts. The graphics and illustrations are less and restricted only to the charts and graphs, but that was a good choice. Too many graphics would have spoiled the simple yet effective design of this infographic.

This infographic is unique in the sense that it was able to communicate a marketing message in a very attractive and smart way. The infographic is very appealing, and the elements are also well-balanced.

infographi Facebook vs SEO

Source: boostlikes.com