Falk T Couplings Illustrated

One of the most impressive things about Falk T couplings is that they have been designed first and foremost to be a “modular component”. Rather than lock themselves into a “walled garden” of sorts, the unique modular design of this coupling allows different components to be swapped out, replaced, or refurbished on-the-fly so that you’re able to continue taking advantage of the benefits they provide with no shutdown or slowdown in production.

On top of that, these components are manufactured out of some of the highest quality alloy steel grids available, making them durable and reliable in ways that competing products could only dream of. This is probably why a five year warranty protects each and every one of the T couplings Falk produces (provided that long term Greece is applied during the actual installation phase).

Some of the advantages that operations using these T couplings to enjoy include:

Proprietary grid design eliminates misalignment issues completely

An issue that nearly all T couplings have to deal with stems from whether or not they are aligned properly in the first place, but that’s never going to be an issue when you use these specific components.

Not because they are absolutely impossible to misalignment, but because they have been engineered to tolerate misalignment with a floating great that can pivot and rock between components. This takes a unique approach to an almost universal problem, but it improves the durability and reliability of these parts while at the same time maximizing efficiency.

Swap out without shutting down

As touched on above, the beautiful thing about these T couplings is that they can be replaced effortlessly (and almost instantly) without having to take apart your hubs or shafts. You’ll be able to replace these components almost on-the-fly without any degradation to your systems process, which will (in turn) speed up maintenance and repair procedures so that you can eliminate unnecessary expenditures.

Falk T couplings infographicSource: www.mardustrial.com