Falk Freedom Disc Couplings

A coupling is used in rotating machinery that has high torsional compliance. In laymen’s terms therefore, it is used to connect two shafts to resolve their misalignment. Close tolerance fits allow disc couplings to provide high speed service without shelling out a load on maintenance.

The infographic talks about a high delivery disc coupling that offers a 3 year warranty, thereby ensuring peace of mind for investors. To begin with, the infographic prudently kicks off with the graphic of a one piece, stainless steel dispack that adds flexibility to equipment, delivering first class performance.

The first item in the infographic tells us about the freedom and flexibility it offers from recurring maintenance and backlash issues. The fact that this is available in a range of sizes, only aids to facilitate the installation procedure and the addition of this image helps users identify with the purpose of a successful installation.

Parts displaying high torque capacities, flexible mounting options and close tolerance and registered fits with appropriate descriptions are instrumental in getting investors to make up their minds and move in the right direction. A list of attributes that each part contributes is added against every graphic so people can match the part to the description of what it does.

A small paragraph spared for clearly marked part numbers helps to clearly indicate the benefit this feature has is immensely educating. The best feature of this infographic is the use of clear graphics that have appropriate texts, clearly demarcating the features, advantages and benefits of each part.

As an extra step in promoting this disc coupling, the infographic also adds a few lines on the 3 year, shaft to shaft warranty which is extremely appealing to users. This infographic uses images and a text which effectively helps users benefit the most from disc couplings.

Infographic about falk disc couplings

Source: mardustrial.com