Facts on Microsoft Excel and What It Can Do for You

The infographic gives a detailed overview of the history, background information and what Microsoft Excel can do for the end-user.


The layout is balanced and the information well organized. All the fonts are aligned with the images, especially vertically on the extreme left and right margins. The line bulleting at the beginning of the text adds to the harmonious feel which also signifies the beginning of a text. The wavy line in the middle of the page breaks the continuation of the squares and brings about contrast. The images are centered in the middle of the space that is designated for each element which indicates the design has been thought through. The infographic is cohesive.


There is symmetry, repetition of shapes which creates interest, yet it shows harmony between the words, and all the other aspects which communicate the key messaging. There is also alignment which leads to good organization.  

The variation of color brings the message to life as it creates a contrast between the white and shades of blue. Blue is thought to symbolize wisdom, introspective journey, and depth of understanding, which is the intent of the infographic, to give a bit more information on Microsoft Excel.


The content is friendly to follow through for the reader as the eyes move from left to right. The font size, style and color choice are legible. 

The infographic clearly communicates the intended message with choice of color, wording, shapes, and vertical orientation. The information on Microsoft Excel is accessible, it has been broken down into an easy, understandable manner and the images are appealing to the eye.

Infographic about Microsoft Excel facts and statistics

Source: https://spreadsheetdaddy.com/blog/excel-facts