Facts and Stats you Didn’t Know About PHP

This is quite a neat little piece of work that easily catches my attention. It does have a cool background and has a simple appeal to it that draws my notice all over the page.

The design is really efficient. It does emphasize the right things. However, the various aspects of the review have been too spread out across the page that it might look really undernourished. The various elements could have been arranged much better considering the spacing between them.

The colors used are excellent and did create a great impression and it really did reading all that easier. The colors are really comforting and welcomes the reader to the content all around.

The content was quite informative except from the fact that there was a slight misshape in towards the middle. Although not easily noticeable, this review is misleading and not many professionals in the area of this topic would completely approve of this.

All text and other elements of the work were easily readable and understandable and it was quite easy to understand what was actually conveyed in each part of the poster. There wouldn’t be any issues as to what the main objective of this poster was.

The appeal is quite vibrant and suitable for the content being discussed in the review and definitely would invite the eyes of such audience that would be interested in the same topic. This works pretty well for the work on the whole.

Overall analysis:
This is a good piece of work with great color schemes and a bad design layout. The content appears misleading although the remaining elements of the review look good to go and ready to do well. This is a nice piece of work if we are talking about the infographic design.

php devs infographic

Source: mobilunity.com