Everything You Need To Know About AGM Batteries

This infographic contains some useful information on AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries. More specifically, it presents the advantages of AGM batteries and the benefits of using one.


The layout is rather simple, with the information being split into four different sections.

At the top, the reader can find an eye-catching title that introduces the subject that is about to be presented.

Right below, there is a paragraph that shortly explains what an AGM battery is. Another paragraph offers some more information on their prices compared to the traditional lead/acid batteries.

Moving on, the reader can find some information on the benefits of AGM batteries. More specifically, the infographic mentions that they can offer up to 60,000 starts per lifetime, whereas a traditional battery usually offers around 5,000 starts per lifetime.

The next section includes a paragraph that sums up the advantaged of AGM batteries, with the most important one being their speed of charge.

The third section attempts to point out whether AGM batteries are worth it.

Finally, the fourth section presents some frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.


The creator of the artwork has chosen to use two basic colors (dark blue and yellow) and this gives it a fresh touch. The fonts and other elements that are used throughout also add to its modern look-and-feel.


The easy-to-read fonts and the fact that the background and font color changes in every section of the graphic makes it friendly to the eye of the reader.

Its readability could have been improved with the use of some bullet point lists that would allow for the reader to understand without having to read a whole paragraph.


The infographic succeeds in presenting some helpful information on technical terms, while remaining simple.

infographic about AGM batteries

Source: https://toolssense.com/best-agm-battery/