These are the Elements Affecting your Internet Speed

The internet has acquired an unreplacable place in personal usage as well as corporate society. With the increased number of internet users, some users start facing another problem i.e. slow internet speed. Is it always increased traffic or are there some other factors too? This infographic has been designed to highlight some common issues that can slow down your internet connection. With the bold title and brief description of the issues with related images given adjacent to them, it appears to be quite interesting.

The design is in the form of slides with a description of each issue provided in that very slide. One can easily understand that a major reason behind this attraction is the magnificent use of colors and graphic images. The trend is perfectly followed by using blue color as the background of the presentation. The layout is divided in three parts; introduction, detailed information and reference. The background has been given a white shade to highlight the information provided in black fonts. Heading of every factor is highlighted in blue shade and larger fonts. Differences between different products are also highlighted in pastel green color in each block. However images provided adjacent to the details are not so convincing. Images are non-related to the given content and hence, produce a cliche in the presentation.

The description is excellent and well arranged thus induces an intent of reading in the viewer. The information provided through the work is accurate as well as authentic. Technical data are also incorporated in a proper manner to enhance the productivity. From network provider to the user traffic and hardware to software, every major issue has been covered. Though inforgraphic does not include differences produced in various versions yet it has maintained its credibility. Overall structure and details are quite amazing and interesting to read.

internet speed data visualization