The DJI Phantom 4 Drone

I totally loved this infographic; very stylish and engaging. It takes one very little time to decipher it.

We will start with the colours. There has been an extensive use of the colour palette; there are the blues, browns, greens and black. Normally the use of too many colours would leave a picture looking very confusing and cluttered, but not in this infographic. The reason is that there is plenty of white space provided in this pic, which makes it look very defined and structured.

If you look at the way the features have been presented, who would realize that the designer has used a unique way to display the features; there is a use of plenty of graphic to explain the features which is very convenient for the customer. Even an amateur customer can understand these features thanks to the use of proper graphics. The use of graphics for the speed comparison is also very interesting.

Now if look at the fonts, don’t you find them effortless to read. Capitalizing the important headlines is a good way to draw attention to these areas especially towards the features. The name of the Brand has also been highlighted in bold fonts, which helps in noticing and registering the brand.

The layout is also very striking. It is a storyboard sort of layout. You have the name, logo and slogan on the top. Then comes the new features, existing features and finally comparison. A look at this infographic and you will definitely check out this product.

Usually products have a lot of info and data that needs to be communicated to potential buyers. This infographic has displayed all the essential information very beautifully without any cluttering or stuffing. The presence of ample space makes this infographic very stunning.

DJI Phantom 4 infographic