Coffee machines compared: Kenco VS Flavia

The above infographic distinguishes between two highly popular beverage machines in the industry. The data is specifically focusing on a target audience (coffee drinkers in this case).

By using pictures of the competing brands, the visual representation becomes more user-friendly, attracting potential buyers to the significant data mentioned in the chart.

The chart, with a manageable length and size, is designed in a simple manner yet focuses on the key points that a reader looks forward to before buying the product. Without consuming much time of the customer, the infographic offers only crisp and vital information.

The first part of the representation discusses a range of drinks that each contender has to offer. This gives a liberty to the customer to take a pick according to his/her preferences of drinks. Moreover, a very obvious difference in the range of features makes it easier to convince the buyer.

The second part reveals the efficiency and productivity of both the vying products. This again qualifies as a crucial data to persuade the client in purchasing the item.

Similarly, the remaining five parts of this chart examine the other top specifications and facts of the items thereby giving an opportunity to the reader to differentiate between the two as per their choices and come up with a final verdict.

The flow of this visually appealing representation is very precise, error-free, detailed and reliable. The data has been collated with painstaking precision and that shows in the rich content and designs used in the presentation.

The final display of the specifics and facts is very eye-friendly, thanks to the vibrant yet smart use of colours in the infographic. Lastly, the icons used to represent every point of discussion make the topic easy to understand and becomes a straightforward guide in buying the preferred item.

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