Chatbot Market Stats and Overview

This infographic is a colorful little thing with a good range of colors all around that helps to keep it bright and shiny from start to end of the document. The content is about how chat bots are gaining importance in the world today and how it is important to the market.

The entire document has been laid out through different combinations of background shades that are smooth and subtle. This helps the reader feel really comfortable about going through the content in the document without much stress on the eye.

The illustrations used are really easy to understand and help to convey what was intended to be conveyed in very simple and effective means. The coloring and design has helped very much to create a direct guide to the eye of the reader to point out to what comes next and what is supposed to be inferred from it. Further down is a timeline that explains the various chatbots and other such detail in a very neat and efficient fashion.

The headings could have been larger at some places as it looks like some text actually steal the attention further away rather than some other texts. Moreover, this also makes it look non-uniform and ill-disciplined when compared across the length of the document.

The design and layout of the document is quite nice and appealing, although not too flashy or eye-catching. Another opinion would be to have more of a distinct sort of division between two sections rather than a bare background change.

Overall, this is a fine piece of infographic with enough information to convey and best means of conveying it in simple and efficient terms. The color and design have made it interesting enough, but not so convincingly. It could have been done better in good lot of aspects.

infographic about chatbots