Is your Business Ready for a Cyber Attack?

The infographic looks quite classic and attractive. The extensive color combination of black, orange, white, green, and blue indeed highlights the major information that is shown. Besides that the graphics and the snapshots are quite precise and what one expects from anything related to cyber attacks.

The extensive amount of data and research shown brings in a huge amount of credibility to the information displayed.

Another important aspect is the information regarding the extensive amount of money that is wasted or lost due to cyber attacks. It deeply emphasizes the importance of what the content is trying to display and bring into the attention of the readers. Also, the reader can be aware of how much dangerous the cyber attacks are and what drastic effects it has on individuals and economy.

With regard to the way the data is presented, the entire infographic is filled with bullet points and numbers which are indeed good. For users numbers really bring in the required attention and highlights what type of information is displayed.

Even though the information displays about the drastic effect of a cyber attack, the usage of the black color in the background could be avoided. It indeed brings extensive attention to the readers, but presenting a dark concept with a blackish background might not be something that attracts you.

Of course, you might enjoy reading the data but it can never get photocopied to your mind. Plus like most information that is related to something serious in the society, this infographic could have a small detail description on the remedies to be followed for cyber attacks. If there are certain strategies or steps that can be taken to avoid such online attack, it could really bring interest to the reader to go through the entire information that is displayed. Also, a brief description of the impact cyber attacks have on the economy and company by one of the representatives of a tech giant is really impressive.