Apple ASO in 7 Steps

The purpose of the Apple ASO is to improve the visibility of mobile apps in an app store. It follows that it would help if text and visuals were arranged to draw out even the most non tech guy into using the ASO.

The infographic divides the process in 7 steps, each of which uses different colours and a uniform font size to make it easy on the eyes. The use of different colours for each step helps people to segregate each piece of information.

Introducing the concept of ASO, the first visual deftly uses white on blue to ensure readability. Using small bits of text makes the description easy.

Step 1: with its colour scheme and people of different age suggests that the app can be used by all. Asking people to focus on how they want to use the app or how they see the ASO is provided neatly with graphics like cloud storage, photo filter and delete pics letting users understand the possibilities of this app.

Step 2: points out to define what’s your infographic added value, while step 3 in plain black and white lets the user focus only on how people can find ASO in the App Store, step 4 uses a bold colour scheme asking users to figure out where their app would appear as compared to other apps. Looking at it this way will give users the freedom to customize the App for a higher ranking.

The infographic shows a simple front page graphic in step 5, with easy on the eyes text to show what a perfect landing page will look like. By using green in step 6, users will remember to use appropriate keywords to target the right kind of audience. This step is important as it can make or break the ranking of your app. The infographic shows the subdivision of characters under each heading so the creator of the App can use it effectively. Once again the use of apt keywords and effective description are stressed upon.

Step 7: again has a vivid colour scheme because the infographic wants viewers to remember that before submitting the app for review, it must be free from all errors and acts as a roundup of what went before.

Apple ASO infographicSource: Gummicube