10 Steps for Redesigning a Website

Website Design

Website design is an important tool which helps businesses in designing the best website – something that can reflect the brand and speak for the business. Given the present digital age where a business has no existence without a properly designed website, this infographic highlights the vital things to be kept in mind when designing a website , in accordance to the SEO standards.

Design & Feel

The image is designed simply but incorporates all the essential design elements that make it readable as well as pleasing to eyes. Each section has been categorized properly, where every important point has been explained in a precise yet effective manner. The points have been sectioned with the right images by the sides, thus enhancing the visual appeal. Plus the segregation calls for easy readability. The use of colors is very subtle and matches the overall theme of the image.


In terms of content, the infographic presents all the necessary information in an easy to understand manner. The content has been organized in a structured manner, incorporating the vital information about designing the ideal website, from the SEO perspective. All the key points come with brief yet precise details. Those who have been considering website design, and have been looking for the perfect way to sync it with the latest SEO trends, this image fits the bill perfectly.


Keeping in with the latest trend of website design, blended with SEO, the image brings forward some of the fundamental tips that play a crucial role for any web design. In totality, this infographic presents quality information in the most comprehendible manner. Be it the content, which talks of the important tips to design a perfect website, or it is the use of various colours and formats – the image does a great job.

cool data visualization about website redesign

Source: discovertec.com