infographing about barcodes (thumb)

The History of Barcodes in Dates

The yellow and black colors used in this infographic make a very good combination that is easy on the eye. From the title, it is…

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data visualization imagesĀ about responsive design (thumb)

Stats and Facts about Responsive Design Usage

The layout is simple yet attractive enough to keep one interested in what the infographic is all about. So as far as design is concerned,…

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vpn explanation infographica (thumb)

What are People Hiding Behind their VPNs?

The given infographic is quite attractive and standard. The design is simple and the color of theme looks standardized. With regard to the font, it…

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infograhics about cyber attacks (thumb)

Is your Business Ready for a Cyber Attack?

The infographic looks quite classic and attractive. The extensive color combination of black, orange, white, green, and blue indeed highlights the major information that is…

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internet speed data visualization (thumb)

These are the Elements Affecting your Internet Speed

The internet has acquired an unreplacable place in personal usage as well as corporate society. With the increased number of internet users, some users start…

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infographing about yt marketing (thumb)

Youtube Marketing Stats Around the World

Posting advertisement on youtube has become a trend and it indicates the power of marketing. The infographic prepared on the topic is outstanding with brilliant…

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