Trampolines Comparison: Regular VS Olimpic-Sized

With more and more being interested in exercising while having some fun, trampolining has become quite popular. The popularity of trampolines has increased over the time and people have started installing them in their own yards to enjoy the benefits right in their home. This infographic offers various interesting information regarding trampolines and their use.

Design – The design is semi-formal keeping in mind that the subject matter of the infographic isn’t strictly professional. The design is good for a casual, yet informative read for people of different ages. It is neither too preppy nor too boring and strikes a perfect balance between the two ensuring that readers will find it nice and attractive.

Presentation – Though the information provided isn’t for any official use, yet the information has been presented in a professional, organized manner so that it becomes an interesting read for all types of people. The facts and the other info provided in this info graphic represent the major differences between the two types of trampolines available – regular and Olympic size and offers various related info that will help buyers determine the best for them.

Structure – This graphic chart has a rectangular structure and thus, can be easily used on various types of blogs, infotainment websites, health and sports communities and groups, shared over the social media and other platforms as well where people look for something interesting as well as informative to read. Several columns and images have been used for a better understanding.

Color – The infographix has a general white and turquoise blue background with the text being presented in ocean blue and white so that it doesn’t look too flashy. Only a few colors have been used to maintain the minimalist look. However, it mustn’t be assumed that it looks boring or dull. The very colors used have perfectly been used for a cool look.

beautiful charts about trampolines