Things You Did Not Know About Running Shoes

This running show infographic is a detail-laden image which tries to explain each and every characteristic of the running shoe with pictures. The heading is direct but hasn’t been written in to highlight it rather the whole focus lies in the middle part where the shoe pictures are projected with description and details. The background has multiple colors bisected in different layers with each color presenting particular features of the running shoe. Vibrant pictures with different colors in the background catch the attention of the reader and the white written words explaining the details do not go against the objective and aim.

The image has vertical- rectangular look overall and it sets the sporty tone that the company wants to project. There are pictures of different types of shoes which explain the jargons attached with shoe anatomy so that a normal person or first buyer of any shoe could have beforehand knowledge for ordering a running shoe. Not only the external or upper features are explained well, but by giving the pictures of generally ignored designs beneath the shoe structure give this infographic an extra edge.

The name of the company is being included here and there so that it doesn’t feel like to a reader that the company is promoting its name rather it adds creativity to the image and cleverly the company completes its objective to promote its name among readers. The image is colorful, detailing and informative. The heading could have been in bold and with little bigger font and in the first picture with orange background the black font style describing shoe feature could have been in different font styles to improve the readability. The organization of color palette could have been little different with red not coming immediately after orange to improve the visuality.

running shoes infographic