The 4 Different Types of Dumbbells

This infographic is addressed to people who are interested in fitness. It contains information on dumbbells and the different types that are available in the market.


The artwork’s design is modern and matches the topic perfectly. It contains several images of a person exercising with dumbbells. In each one of the pictures, this person holds the four different types of dumbbells that are presented.

From the background to the various pictures and other elements, the colors that are used are friendly to the eye of the reader. The four different sections that contain information on the different dumbbells are visually separated from each other with the use of a slightly different background color.


The artwork’s structure is pretty straight-forward. It starts with a big image of a person exercising, and a big title that introduces the subject. A short paragraph right underneath further explains the subject.

After the introductory part, one can see that there are four different sections which contain information on the four different dumbbells that are available.

Every section starts with a heading. Below the heading, one can see a short explanatory paragraph, as well as a framed one, which speaks about the specific dumbbell’s disadvantages. Each section also contains a picture of the specific dumbbell, as well as another one that depicts a person exercising.


The images mentioned above, together with the headings, the alternating color backgrounds and the short texts make the infographic appealing to reader and encourages them to have a closer look. At the same time, its structure and design allow for the reader to quickly and easily go through all information.

Final Thoughts The infographic is appealing and it allows for the reader to access the presented information with the minimum time and effort needed.

infographic about the different types of dumbbells