Professional Athletes that Served the USA

The info graphic is a highly informative work that enlists those sporting greats of the country who have also served the country gallantly in times of war. It is a welcome change from the mundane routine of blogs offering beauty tips to all and sundry and also gives us a peak into the saga of forgotten heroes of our country which history books didn’t teach us about.

The quality substance is also matched by a high-quality presentation by the writers. The theme-colors of the page are also the colors of the national flag. In fact, the color-scheme is a celebration of all that represents our country, its spirit and its emblem. The logo itself is done up in red-and-blue, with the iconic steel star nestled snugly in the middle. There are catchy graphics of a rugby ball, a basketball and a baseball bat against the backdrop of the US flag that can be seen on the page. The pictures used are sweeping, feel good and often functional. The names of the sporting-greats-cum-patriotic-soldiers are done up in bold yellow capital letters, offset by the predominantly black background, giving an overall no-nonsense, bold and impactful sensation in the mind of the reader. There is also an image of the sea and a black-and-white image of a glider against the sky, which probably denotes the service wings of the armed forces.

The writing style is no-nonsense too, in keeping with the gravity of the topic undertaken. The font is a chubby one (similar to Berlin Sans FB) and is in black against white.

The bottom section contains the social media icons through which the company can be reached. It also contains an option for navigation and main menu section. The designers of the piece are thus successful in encouraging the readers to visit the website of the company in case they are interested to know more about the topic or related topics.

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