Premier League Copa America 11 Stats

The Copa America Cup having kicked off graciously, football fans across the globe are looking towards their favorite Premier League players as they fight it out for their national teams. This infographic systematically provides information about the top 11 players who have made their clubs and countries proud.


The infographic is professionally built, and the design is neat and clean which makes it easier for the readers to understand and comprehend the information provided. No additional or over-the-top elements have been added to make it chic and trendy. The main target of the infographic is to enhance the knowledge of the football lovers and also adds to some trivia.


The information has been presented in a simple and lucid manner so that the audience can grasp the information at the first glance. The information is presented in a tabular form, and the stats provided are updated and accurate. Each info table is accompanied by an image of the player concerned in a moment of action. This makes it ideal for football fans whose hearts beat at the sight of their favorite player. Not only that, it attracts the attention of the general audience as well.


The infographic has a vertical structure, and the nature of the infographic makes it suitable for use in infotainment websites or blogs, football lovers forums, trivia websites, Facebook pages and so on. The infographic has 11 different sections, each dedicated to one player who tops in their respective domains. Each section has a table of information, country and club name, and player name.


The infographic deals with a number of colors used in the tables and text with an olive green background. The color combination is impressive without being too bright or preppy, making the infographic perfect for trivia and entertainment purposes.

Premier league graph