Comparison Between Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

The visually-rich elements utilised in preparing this presentation have turned out to look extremely appealing to the reader. The smart team of designers has incorporated a wide variety of forms of data visualization in this graph.

As much as it is animated, the infographic is also very cool, funny and interactive, with an agenda to create a lasting impression upon readers. Though there are some weak points, let’s look at the strong ones first.

The chart starts with a quirky header to it describing the gist of the entire topic. This is followed by a brief synopsis that gives an introduction to the subject being discussed. The appropriate usage of words and the font of the text both end up looking very exciting and thus appealing to readers.

The second best part about this presentation is the correct usage of vibrant colours, complementing the subject of attention. The designers have wisely used different styles and fonts for texts so that a particular amount of attention is granted to each, in a specific order. Though the most used colour is dark blue, its various shades have been incorporated accurately as the reader scrolls down the chart.

The third and certainly not the least favourite part are the clip arts. These are so visually appealing that they make the entire information easy to understand. The contrast discussed in the entire chart has been appropriately put forward. The chart also lays forth various crucial points that are both educational and interesting.

However, the order in which these vital facts are presented should have been reversed. The interesting facts section should have been placed right at the top as it includes the most significant data and other evidences. All in all, the presentation works for the reader, thanks to the smart choice of colours.

infografic about pull-ups