Affordable and Expensive Running Shoes: Why They are the Same

With the increasing level of health awareness, more and more people are engaging in activities like running, jogging, etc. on a daily basis and to get the best results of the effort that they put in, people look more standard exercise gears like workout clothing, running shoes, etc. Irrespective of whether they are running on the track or on a treadmill, proper running shoes are a must have and people often end up spending exorbitantly for a pair of running shoes. This infographic busts the myth that the more you pay, the better you get.

Design – The infographic tries to contradict a well-established idea and hence, has a fully professional design so that it doesn’t seem too flimsy or just a promotional stunt to the reader. Since the main goal is to make people see things differently, the design has been kept very simple so that the readers concentrate more on the information provided and not on the uber cool design.

Presentation – In tune with its goal, the presentation of the facts have also been done in a neat and organized manner so that the audience seriously consider the facts provided and not overlook them like many other ill-planned infographix. Several charts and diagrams have been used to prove the fact paying more for running shoes doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best. These charts and graphs have been formulated from the various studies conducted worldwide.

Structure – Built in the very common rectangular structure, this graphic presentation will suit various infotainment websites, personal blogs, social media groups and pages, communities and forums and other digital platforms where people look for the latest market trends.

Color – The info graphic uses only a very few colors – a white background interspersed with different shades of blue. Along with that, some other colors have been used for the graphs, charts, and diagrams used.

web data visualization about running shoes