Sewage as an Alternative Fuel Source

  1. It is distinctive

One of the most significant aspects of designing an operational infographic is to make it appealing and memorable with a distinctive twist. The infographic represents sewage pipe, which tells the story of sewage conversion in a memorable and interesting way. The design is unique and captures the attention of the audience. The small text boxes effectively bring the point across.

  1. It is creative

In the infographic, the impactful design gets the message across. The message is bold and it is obvious. What is not compromised on is the creativity. There are different colours used and there are different representations for each process. Additionally, the pattern of a sewage pipe also delivers the central message creatively. Processes are represented in clear symbols which artfully labels the meaning of each significant word. As far as the designing goes, it is simple and bold creativity which serves as the key to grabbing thoughtfulness quickly and effectively.

  1. It is simple

The infographic shoots for interesting and unique images and yet does not throw in too much detail and inessential information. One does not see the overuse of different images and designs or different coloured backgrounds. The audience is not distracted trying to understand all the visual information being flung at them. This allows them to concentrate on the main points.

  1. Less is more

The text in the infographic is kept to the level that produces the right impact than a page full of text. The audience is enticed with text that reaches the goal of the infographic. The matter is simple and effectively displayed making the audience want to read it.

  1. Length

One possible issue with the infographic is the length. It could be considered long and the audience could lose interest scrolling down. Yet, with the effectiveness of the design, the length does not create a big hindrance.

graphic information about fuel from sewage