Iconic Corten Steel Architecture

The shared infographic is very detailed and informative on iconic corten steel architecture.  


The infographic has a beautiful array of colors that create a varied contrast. The modernly designed artwork is very appealing to the eye with the combination of images and elements that are interesting to look at.

The earthen color creates a connection to the message bringing it to life. There is symmetry and harmony between the words, and all the other aspects that communicate the key message. There is also alignment which leads to good organization. The modernly designed artwork with the use of different elements makes it easy and interesting to read through.


The infographic is divided into sections that have headings that expound further on the text. There is a wide variation in the shapes making the artwork structure straightforward. It provides a clear analysis of the information creating harmony and uniformity.

It is balanced with information that is organized and images strategically placed which makes the infographic catchy. the use of different elements makes it easy and interesting to read through. The infographic is cohesive.


It clearly communicates the intended message with the choice of shapes, colors, and wordings. The content is precise and its structure and design allow the reader to smoothly go through it with ease moving from left to right. The style, color, and font size are legible. The information has been broken down in a manner that is understandable with appealing imagery. The infographic increases readability and comprehension.

Infographic about iconic corten steel architecture

Source: https://www.floraselect.net/blog/corten-steel-architecture/