What You Should Know About Distracted Driving

This article is about distracted driving and the various factors and consequences of it.

The infographic follows a dark background layout that flows through to the end just like that without any interruptions, till the bottom piece where there’s an image on top.

Next comes a pie chart that represents the various causes of distracted driving, supported by what seems like scalable vector graphics. Each factor is represented by a different color. Different shades of the same color would have looked better on this pie chart rather than different colors altogether. It now looks like a kid’s illustration.

There are interesting design elements throughout the document, but it all appears only at some point in the document and there is no continuity to it. This hides it away from notice. If the design elements were used a bit more consistently, it would have provided the document with a sense of power and clarity of direction.

The layout is fine and does really great in terms of navigation for the readers. The document is also responsive in nature and fits different screen sizes. This is quite a very supporting element that helps readers using different devices with different screen sizes to access the document without the issue of compatibility as the document is quite consistent across all devices.

Overall, this is a good piece of work that puts good design techniques and layout techniques in a good and effective way to pull out a good display of content in a very effective way. The pie charts and the layout worked really effective in getting the message across to the readers really well. The colors used were subtle for the most part, except for the pie chart which now looks like a children’s illustration of a rainbow at some point.

Source: missourilawyers.com