TOP 10 Dangerous Jobs in the USA

With the increasing risk of fatality in various sectors of the industry, this infographic has been specially created to aware the job aspirants of what they can expect at their respective workplaces. The work illustrates a list of the top 10 jobs that are considered to be the most hazardous in the US.


The info graphic, while imparting valuable information, is designed in a way that it can suit the needs of the light readers as well. So, whether someone is looking for some insight into the industry they are planning to join or whether someone comes across the chart while looking for something worth a bit of light, informative reading, it will suit the purpose well. The design is neat and casual and highly suits the wants of the light readers.


This graphic chart has been so presented that anyone looking for some quick information will find it most useful. The average death toll per 100,000 employees in each sector is given along with the name of the profession and the traditional professional attire that helps in the easy recognition of the profession. The professional figures used in the infographic are casually presented yet conform to the actual looks, thus making it easier for readers to grasp the information being provided.


It presents a rectangular in structure and consists of ten different sections, each highlighting one of the top ten hazardous professions along with brief details so that anyone can have a quick grasp of the info. The structure and presentation of the infographic are highly suitable for use in infotainment websites and blogs, sites dealing with latest trends and stats, social media, etc. where people look for useful information that is presented in a lucid and informal way.

One downside is that the stats provided are according to the reports of 2014 so the figures are not recently updated.

Most dangerous jobs infograpic