Tips for Fall Protection

If you take a look at this design the first thing that you will notice is the brilliant hierarchy in presenting the information. The fall protection features are easy to understand.

Most of the information are presented largely with the use of graphics and illustrations whereas the use of text is kept minimal. The illustrations and graphics are very basic but they convey the message to the readers efficiently in less amount of time. The use of the graphics to explain the features is very clever.

Moving on to the fonts; you can notice a consistency in the style of the fonts which is a great advantage for the audience as it makes reading very simple and easy. The title is displayed in colourful and bold fonts which is an attention grabber. The use of black background in the title makes it stand out. The use of different patterns in the top portion makes it very catchy.

There are lots of colours used in this info graphic which surprisingly makes the design look pretty and attractive. The background is blue and black bars are used to divide the data. Other colours include red, white and green. All these colours blend together beautifully and make it a very lively design.

The design is about a product and should have normally had lots of text but the designer has smartly explained the main features with the use of suitable pics and graphics. This is a clever strategy to prevent cluttering. Space is a very important element in creating a successful design and the designer has provided enough space here too.

This is a very interesting design and has covered all the areas that needs to be looked at for communicating the message effectively.

graphic information about fall protection