A Few Tips on Avoiding Speeding Tickets

The huge numbers representing tips and the vivid pink colors for images in each of the tips are the most outstanding in this infographic. Eyes dance over them even before getting composure to read through the texts, but in a fun kind of way. The topic is just as big enough but with ‘speeding tickets’ standing out in size compared to the ‘how to avoid’ part of it which is pretty creative. The topic is carefully selected and is one that the majority of drivers will take time to read without a doubt.

Relevant statistics concerning the topic are given before it breaks into the 10 helpful tips to avoid speeding tickets. The tips are divided into two columns, making reading fun, so attention is maintained to the end. A dotted line is used to create boundaries between each tip creating some softness to the entire display. Each tip has a few sentences making the descriptions, hence reading does not get boring or too complicated to understand. The images used work well for what they represent and are therefore relevant.

This infographic uses fonts that are big enough for comfortable reading and are professional enough. The subtitles are presented in different colors and are little bigger than the texts following them, hence differentiating the section parts is even easier. Looking at the display it is clear that space is very well utilized; it holds lots of details without necessarily looking all mangled up or getting boring to the eyes for that matter. By the end of time the reader finishes reading, they are more enlightened on simple ways to avoid the dreaded yet common speeding tickets. It is definitely a guide many drivers will love to embrace and it is presented in a very fun yet professional way.

infografix about traffic tickets

Source: radardetector-guides.net